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dbmmanage is used to create and update the DBM format files used to store usernames and password for basic authentication of HTTP users via. NAME dbmmanage - Create and update user authentication files in DBM format SYNOPSIS dbmmanage filename [ command ] [ username [ encpasswd ]. The dbmmanage Perl script, used to manipulate username and password databases, has been replaced by htdbm in Apache HTTP Server The htdbm .

I need dbmmanage. The packages-httpd-sources-spec page of the fedora project suggests it was purposely omitted. Is there an alternative to. 22 Nov To create and manage DBM format user files another program from the Apache support directory is used. The program is called dbmmanage. A Perl script to manage both types of database, dbmmanage, is supplied with Apache in /src/support. To decide which type to use, you need to discover the.

TH dbmmanage 1 "February ".\" Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more.\" contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE. 27 May I need the dbmmanage that is part of the httpd package, but when I looked for it, it can not be found. I'm using f8, httpdfc8 It is. 22 Jul Package: apache2-utils Version: Severity: normal dbmmanage uses Digest::SHA1 which was removed from Debian some time ago[1]. dbmmanage/htdbm prefers the Berkeley DB 2 file format. This is because the order in which dbmmanage/htdbm will look for system libraries is Berkeley DB 2, . 4 Jul This feature used to be available in the `dbmmanage` utility, as an `import` argument, but that utility is no longer included in the httpd packages.

3 Mar Where's dbmmanage? General Coding/Development. dbmmanage [ encoding ] filename add|adduser|check|delete|update username [ encpasswd [ group [, group ] [ comment ] ] ]. dbmmanage filename view. When referred to the old file, but the file exists and should be +rw for the user running dbmmanage. Does anyone have a clue? Last edited by. use AnyDBM_File (); sub usage { my $cmds = join "|", sort keys %dbmc::; die dbmmanage [enc] dbname command [username [pw [group[.